Nick Mendez

This web site is from Nicolas Mendez dedicated to family, friends, care givers and all those that want to know a little bit about his journey. Nick has been touched by cancer 4 times in the first 20 years of his life and he has survived.

There have been certainly many hardships on this journey but the road has also been filled with blessings. Nick has an amazing family that has been with him all along the way. There have been endless prayers and thoughts from all over the world wishing Nick well. The medical team that has followed Nick over 15 years and through three cancers has been phenomenal. We are lucky to be 20 minutes away from one of the best Medical facilities in the world.

Nick is truly an inspiration to us all. He is unassuming and takes all of this in stride as if he were an old soul. He never complains and is often praised by his doctors about his great attitude. Spirit has helped him get through the toughest of times. The hope is that at least one person is able to learn from Nick’s experiences and perhaps use them on a journey of their own.

Nick graduated from the International Culinary Center 6 months before his last cancer diagnosis and started as a Chef at Alexander’s Steak House in Cupertino. Pictured below with his brother Joey at graduation.

Chef Nick